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Just hours left..

Posted on: December 1, 2008

.. I am almost done packing, and have cleaned the entire place, hopefully ready for my return to Norway some time in January. Taxi is picking me up in about five hours to take me to the airport, where I will board the plane to Frankfurt/Germany – then to Portland, Oregon – and finally to Redmond.

Kind of weird to look around me now, and think that next time I will be here, there will no longer be just me, but me and my daughters. There will be no silence and I will definitely not be as relaxed and/or energetic as I am today. Yeah, weird indeed.

But those thoughts of the life I am giving up vanishes so fast with the overwhelming excitement I feel, what I have dreamt about for so long is about to become reality.. and very soon!! 34 weeks pregnant with twins, we have passed so many great milestones, we are still doing great, Sabrina is determined to carry the princesses for a few more weeks (we’ll see if she might have changed her mind by mid December, hah!) – Ava is finally, FINALLY, head down and things are looking mighty fine!!

So many emotions and thoughts running through my mind these past few days and for the next ones.. it is unreal that we are almost at the finish line and that soon I will get to finally look at, hold and love my beautiful baby girls. Just unreal.

Next update: Oregon!


3 Responses to "Just hours left.."

Come on over, Daddy! We’re waiting, icecream in hand!

morsomt at du snart er tilbake med 2 små.tenkte bare å si at hvis du trenger noen tips og råd om disse nye skapnigene bare send meg en mail. alenemamma til mine jenter jeg og og har to år i forsprang så bare å spørre altså. eposten min får du vel opp?

Ønsker deg masse lykke til! Håper jentene venter litt til, og kommer ut store, friske og fine! 🙂

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